Global Sourcing Hub for Furniture and Home Accessories

We help connect manufacturers and buyers/sellers and provide high-quality furniture & home accessories from Vietnam. We empower businesses through our tech-enabled workflow and professional services.

Our Solutions

Solid Sourcing Solution At The Right Price

debiON is currently serving 3 segments

Sourcing Buyers

We help to provide buyers with one-stop solutions for furniture sourcing.

Dropshipping Sellers

We offer support in the fulfillment of trending products with low costs and high profits to customers.


We help Vietnamese manufacturers receive more orders and expand their business worldwide.

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Sourcing Buyers

debiON can assist you with one-stop solutions including: finding suppliers, product development (making samples), order assurance, QA/QC, and logistics.

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Dropshipping Sellers

debiON has a stable source of many trending products available with the best price and many benefits to help dropshippers gain high profits.

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For Manufacturers

debiON works to connect Vietnamese manufacturers with buyers around the world, bring domestic manufacturers more orders, expand their business and spread the value of Vietnamese products worldwide.

Our partners

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